TOM Aquarium RP3 Rapids Pro Filter Pump Review

Clean water is very essential for the health and longevity of your pet fishes. The Tom Aquarium RP3 (Rapid Pro Filter Pump), in a nutshell, is a great aquarium filter. It provides superb water movement, consistently processing wastes and impurities and supplies pure clean water. The Rapids Pro Filter distinctive design makes this state of the art filter extremely efficient. It comes with a built-in protein skimmer, superbly removing any dissolved organic material.


Product Specifications: 

  • Advance filtration system with built-in Venturi pump protein skimmer.
  • Features a large capacity filter
  • The rapid submersible pump works at 700gph
  • Includes a poly-Fiber filter media
  • Includes all necessary hosing and tubing



TOM Aquarium RP3 Rapids Pro Filter Pump newly advanced filtration system is certainly next generation. It’s high capacity aquarium filtration system combines with the filtering capacity of wet/dry, Venturi pump protein skimmer. It can re-circulate 700 gallons of water per hour. It also has the function of auto fill system that automatically replaces 4 gallons evaporated water. It has for aquarium up to 150 gallons. The RP3 plus comes complete with 700 GPH water pump, redesigned surface skimmer overflow, tubing, clamps, filter media, and the 4 gallon auto filled system. Additionally, it is easy to get the canister filter up and running.

Though the Rapids Pro Filter Pump is well designed, the air overflow removal can get salt water into the tank, which is obviously a bad thing is your fish are fresh water.  Additional, the skimmer is not very not very long lasting.

But these are minor flaws of an otherwise near perfect filtration system. It’s definitely something that any fish owner/lover should consider getting for their aquarium. For more reviews and information on pricing, you can check out the Rapids Pro Filter Pump over at It is available with free shipping.