Tetra 29234 Half Moon Aquarium Kit, 10-Gallon Review

The Tetra 29234 Half-Moon 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit has a unique shape with a frameless top edge and a clear lid which allows for 180 degree unobstructed views of the fish inside. It has a cartridge based whisper filtration system, uses LED lighting and a 50-watt heater.

The heater is submergible and its half-moon shape allows for a top to bottom view as opposed to the traditional side to side. The Tetra’s shape also gives the illusion of more space for the fish to swim while its whisper filtration system is very quiet. The height of the tank allows it to accommodate tall plants and the LED lighting is bright enough to light up the bottom. You can even grow your own plants in this tank if you choose to.

The Tetra 29234 Half-moon Aquarium, though creative and unique, is a conundrum to most fish lovers. While the tank itself is beautifully executed with the design providing for a relaxing view of the fish swimming inside, there are unfortunately, a few tiny flaws that make some users want to rethink their choice of aquarium.

Firstly, the Tetra 29234 comes with a loose clear plastic lid with an opening for feeding in the front and two openings for the heater and filter in the back.  In most people’s opinion, this just doesn’t do justice to such a creatively engineered tank. Most users would want to see a heavier glass lid or a hinged plastic lid used since the loose lid and small openings mean that there is a chance that a jumping fish, like the cobalt swordtail for example, can easily jump out of the tank.

Secondly, while the Tetra whisper filtration system is very quiet, it doesn’t include an extension to clean the bottom of the tank where most of the filth accumulates. Plus, it has an open top which again gives your fish a chance to jump out of the tank. Face it, we’ve all seen Finding Nemo and we know how creative and ingenious fish can be when they need to.

Thirdly, the filter has no flow control, which means that the current can trap fish in the corner of the tank by continuously pushing them to the bottom.

Note to the makers: keep the shape, fix the lid and the filter. In the meantime, users keep away from jumping fish!

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