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Hydor Performer 405 Recirculating Skimmer Review

The Hydor Performer 405 Recirculating Skimmer is a complete performer skimmer range for 100-1100 gallon marine and reef tanks. It is built with high precision CNC machined parts that are made with top quality materials and guarantees efficient water circulation and foaming, disappearance of particulate matter and high air concentration …

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Aqueon 34501 ProFlex Sump Model 2 Review

The Aqueon 34501 ProFlex Sump Model 2 is made using extremely durable materials and is covered by a lifetime warranty against leaks. The unit can be set up in any one of 3 ways: as a refugium system, a berlin system or a wet/dry trickle filtration system and requires an …

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TOM Aquarium RP3 Rapids Pro Filter Pump Review

Clean water is very essential for the health and longevity of your pet fishes. The Tom Aquarium RP3 (Rapid Pro Filter Pump), in a nutshell, is a great aquarium filter. It provides superb water movement, consistently processing wastes and impurities and supplies pure clean water. The Rapids Pro Filter distinctive design makes …

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