Aqua vim Ocean View Reef Ready 83 Gallon Seamless Bow Front Glass Aqsuarium with Real Wood Furniture

Yes ! It’s glass, not acrylic !
Yes ! It’s real wood, not pressed wood !
Yes ! It’s seamless bow front tank, not seamed tank !



Up for sale, is a 83 gallon, brand new set, top of the lines of AquaVim’s seamless bow front glass aquariums, reef ready, Ocean View series, with overflow box, pre-drilled holes.

The tank combo also includes unique feeder feature like all other Aqua Vim OV/MV tank series, plumbing kit, real wood cabinet stand and canopy! Its top-grade, crystal clear glass is thermal-bent with latest technology, providing 180-degree unobstructed viewing of your aquatic pets. Unlike acrylic tank, you don’t worry about scratches from algae cleaning and dull looking after a few years of use. Its 32″-high handcrafted real wood cabinet stand and 10″-high canopy are spacious enough for your complete filtration systems and even the most sophisticated lighting systems.
With the purchase, you will be entitled to 25% discount toward purchase of optional accessories, such as Eco-smart sump combo, reef lighting system, and any other items available in stock from 4fishtankDoc com. If you want to take advantage of the 25% accessory discount, please make sure you contact us before you order to save your shipping (no additional shipping charge apply when shipped together with the tank).
The set is completely new, never been used. Overall Dimension: 40″ x 22″ x 63″ approx. Pickup welcome. We can also help ship it to you. Shipping to most cities in mainland USA is only $275. For accurate shipping rate quote, please provide your zip code.
If you are a New York State resident, we cannot sell to you directly because Aqua Vim has already had many dealers in NYS. Please buy this from your local dealer.

Please note: The pictures show tank with DragonFlow pipe, the actual tank you receive will be with regular half-circle shape overflow box that takes a little more space in the tank but is quieter and better if you will lean your live rocks against it.

Available color of furniture (stand and canopy): rose cherry F103 (shown with the 2nd picture).
Yes ! It’s glass, not acrylic !
Yes ! It’s real wood, not pressed wood !
Yes ! It’s seamless bow front tank, not seamed tank !
Yes ! It’s reef ready, and it includes plumbing kit.

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