Marineland Pillar Aquarium Kit, 6-Gallon Review

The Marineland Pillar Aquarium 6-gallon kit is a cylindrical fish tank that can easily fit on your desk or counter top. This tank is designed with an LED lighting system comprised of both white lights, for a shimmering effect similar to sunlight under water, and blue lights for a moonlight glow effect. The Marineland Pillar Aquarium also features BIO Wheel technology, namely a Penguin 3 stage BIO-Wheel filtration system. The first stage is the growth of beneficial bacteria, best for removing toxic ammonia and nitrite. The second and third stages are done by its replaceable Rite-Size filter cartridge which provides mechanical and chemical filtration by removing dirt, debris, odors, discoloration and impurities.

The Marineland Pillar Aquarium is a lovely tank made of acrylic material. Unfortunately, the acrylic used is extruded acrylic and scratches very easily, defacing the beauty of the tank.

The BIO-Wheel filter is great at keeping the tank clean and healthy but it is very noisy and since the tank can only be filled to below the level of the filter output due to its small size, there is an annoying splashing sound added to the mix.

The LED lighting system makes for a fantastic display but it is built into the lid of the tank, a few inches above the water level, making it easy for moisture to get into it and short out the system.

The lights and filtration system are wired together so if the lights get shorted out, so does the filtration system. And since they are wired into the back of the tank, this means that if they get damaged, they are impossible to replace, rendering the tank useless.

Another problem with the Marineland Pillar Aquarium is that there is no room to add any accessory to the tank that requires wires or cables since there is nowhere to route the required cables. So forget about adding a heater or bubbler to this tank.

Marineland’s Pillar Aquarium, though small enough to be kept in virtually any space, is also a potential fire hazard. Its LED lighting system which make for such beautiful lighting effects, is its greatest design flaw because of its positioning, which is too close to the water in the tank.

So if you decide to buy this tank for its beautiful light effects, try using it with fish which don’t require much water or just grow plants in it.

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