Marineland 25 Gallon Frameless Glass Aquarium Review

Marineland is taking aquariums to another level

Marineland released their latest product on the market – a new generation aquarium, which will change the way you think forever! The modern and unique design of the aquarium will allow you to see the life of the underwater in a completely new light. The company is famous for the quality products and the Marineland 25 Gallon Frameless Glass Aquarium is the newest thing in the aquatic hobby zone.

Marineland 25 Gallon Frameless Glass Aquarium

This aquarium is specially made by fish-lovers for fish-lovers, and it allows you to experience watching your aquatic pets in a whole new way. It is designed with a unique frameless glass technology, which provides you clear and complete detailed view of every little corner in your fish tank, in precision detail.

Prominent features:

  • Size – The fish tank is: 18 x 18 x1 8 inches. It weighs is 31.9 pounds. It can hold 25 gallons of water. This size makes it perfect for your home, office, kids room or wherever you want to observe the wonders of the sea world.
  • Cube-shaped – This fish tank comes in the shape of a cube – a very modern and comfortable shape, suitable for every place and every style. This shape also allows you to have unique and detailed view; no matter what side you are standing from, you can see everything and be part of all the action.
    Design – This aquarium is specially designed to offer all-sides-viewing without any frame to distract the attention away from the micro world inside the tank. You can witness the sea life in all its life and glory.
  • Scratch-resisting glass – This aquarium is made from a genuine scratch-resisting glass, which allows you to enjoy your own aqua world day after day, year after year. No matter where the tank is positioned, you can be always sure that it will be hard to scratch or damage.



The The Marineland 25 Gallon Aquarium belongs to a new generation of modernly designed aquariums, which offer its owners the ultimate frameless experience. It is suitable with all types and kinds of filters, lamps and other accessories, so you can make those purchasing decisions according to your taste and style.

Reported problems:

There were no problems reported so far. The only thing, which can be considered as a disadvantage, is that this aquarium can’t be drilled from the sides or the bottom. Every side is tempered strongly.

Concluding remarks:

The Marineland 25 Gallon Aquarium provides a modern and contemporary way to breed fish and sea plants and to observe the magic of the sea life from the first row. Get it online over at