Lightahead® Artificial Fish MINI LED Aquarium (Multi Colored Led Swimming Fish Tank with Bubbles) Review

Lightahead®  has presented the latest product for the season – the Lightahead® Artificial Fish MINI Led Aquarium, which is a multi colored LED swimming fish tank with bubbles. It features a realistic replica of the tropical reef, which you can now have in your own home! It’s artificial too, so you can enjoy it all you want without the need to do anything annoying like cleaning.

Lightahead® Artificial Fish MINI Led Aquarium

This model is perfect for those who love to watch the life under the water and to enjoy a nice relaxing moment next to the aquarium, but do not have the time for maintenance.



Prominent features:

  • Size – This mini LED aquarium has the following dimensions: 5 x 3 x 10 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds.
  • The kit contains – LED aquarium with 10pcs of multicolored tropical fish and 2pcs turtles in a bubble tank. This offers you the ultimate artificial ocean world experience in the comfort of your home of office.
  • Whisper quiet operation – The aquarium operates very quietly, so it will never disturb your comfort and relaxation.
  • 12 LED lights – It contains 12 LED lights for the perfect view. No matter if it is day or night, your aquarium will always be the center of the room, attracting everyone to admire and observe it.
  • Water proof wallpaper – The aquarium has a beautiful and colorful wallpaper, which is water proof and serves to transport you into the ocean world, by giving you a genuine and detailed picture of what’s under the sea.
  • Automated magic fish and turtles –  All the fish and turtles in this astonishing and beautiful artificial fish tank are automated and have their own character. They swim by themselves and will make you look at them for hours, admiring the colors and the bubbles. Again, they’re artificial so no maintenance is required.



This completely new and convenient designed model and kind of aquarium (with artificial life inside it) is suitable wherever there is a need for beauty and relaxation, without the worry for the maintenance of the fish tank and the fish itself. The bubbles, the happy fish and turtles will take you on a journey to the ocean’s world – full of color and life. If you have children, they are going to love to spend their time watching the colored fish.

Reported problems:

Some customers have mentioned that some of the fish have shorter life than others, but you can easily replace them with new ones.

Concluding remarks:

The Lightahead® Artificial Fish MINI Led Aquarium is perfect for everyone that loves fish, but doesn’t have the time for cleaning, feeding and maintaining. It is a great product for the whole family, and will add a nice touch of beauty to your home. Check out this and other similar products over at!