JBJ 24 Gallon Nano-Cube Deluxe Aquarium Review

Fishing tanks have been long used in offices and drawing rooms, to put it bluntly, spruce up the place a bit. The JBJ 24 Gallon Nano-Cube Deluxe Aquarium is a gorgeous fish tank that will definitely enhance the grace of your office.


Product Specifications:

  • It has the capacity of 24 gallons
  • It comes up with the 29gph pump flow
  • Its tank offers panoramic viewing with smooth round corners
  • It provides the ideal dimensions for mini-reef tank



The JBJ 24 gallon Nano-Cube Deluxe Aquarium provides ample room with a 18” X 19.6” X 19.7 footprint. This large cube is for the serious hobbyist that desires the integrated  features of the 12 Gallon but with more room of coals, fish and inverts. Moreover, the 24 Gallon Deluxe is offered with the same reliable electronic ballast with a disconnect cable. Built into the hood is a lighting system with two 36 watt 50/50 compact fluorescent lamps and two 60mm x 60mm cooling fans.

The lighting system for the Nano-Cube Deluxe is hampered by the fact that there is only one plug for the night and day light, so you have to manually turn them on and off. Additionally, the cooling fans are generally quite loud. There are also some complaints of the aquarium prematurely cracking, causing the water to leak out. The cause of the cracks can’t be ascertained and it might just be due to human error, but nevertheless, one must still keep that in mind while considering a purchase.

Overall, The JBJ 24 gallon Nano-Cube Deluxe Aquarium is an easy setup for new hobbyists and adds great form factor to offices. It is undoubtedly the great piece to fit in most places in your home while still allowing maximum space within to aqua scape with whatever you want. You can purchase get this aquarium over at Amazon.com.