Hydor Performer 405 Recirculating Skimmer Review

The Hydor Performer 405 Recirculating Skimmer is a complete performer skimmer range for 100-1100 gallon marine and reef tanks. It is built with high precision CNC machined parts that are made with top quality materials and guarantees efficient water circulation and foaming, disappearance of particulate matter and high air concentration in the main chamber plus low energy consumption and low noise output. The skimmer comes equipped with a rotamix impeller brush, a collection cup drainage system, a foaming seltz pump and a venture silencer though a feeder pump is needed to attach the skimmer to the sump in your aquarium.

The Hydor Performer 405 Recirculating Skimmer’s special drainage system regulates the level of water in the chamber without changing the quantity of the water being treated. The air regulating system that controls the air input allows you to adjust where you place your skimmer by allowing the return flow to be easily adjusted. All the joints and connections have gaskets which prevent leaks no matter where you place your skimmer, whether in sump or outside sump.

The seltz foaming pump is equipped with a new lubricating and cooling system which increases the pumps longevity and performance while the Rotarmix impeller brush maximizes bubble formation. This skimmer produces a dark skim meaning that it will pick up any particles of dirt and or organic material floating around in your tank.

Although the skimmer does not allow for removing the body from the base for cleaning, it is big enough that you can push your hand into the neck and down the body for cleaning, plus the collection cup is easy to remove and clean.

The Hydor Performer 405 Recirculating skimmer is virtually noise free. This skimmer is so quiet that it adds no additional noise to your tank. You won’t notice when it’s turned on or when it goes off.

Hydor has been making equipment for aquariums and ponds since 1984 and have the best line of technology for creating a living ecosystem in your home. The performer 405 recirculating skimmer from Hydor is a complete skimmer package which includes a foaming pump, a venture silencer and a special drainage system all designed to give you the best performance possible. Quiet, efficient and easy to use, the Hydor performer 405 Recirculating Skimmer will keep your aquarium clean and aerated without you even noticing that it’s there.

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