Finnex Low Iron Rimless Cube Aquarium with FugeRAY Planted + LED Light Review

Finnex changes the experience for aquatic lovers!

Finnex are a leading trademark when it comes to hobby products and especially to aquatic gear and supplies. They produce quality hobby products, which are the perfect mix of traditions and new technology and always strive to stay on top, giving customers around the world the needed and expected satisfaction of their products. Their latest models aquariums are released on the market this season and like always, they are impressive.

Finnex Low Iron Rimless Cube Aquarium with FugeRAY Planted + LED Light, 7.5-Gallon

This model fish tank offers to its owners both modern technology and classical design. It is suitable for aquatic fans, even if this will be their first aquarium. It is suitable for your children’s room, your living room, or your office.



Prominent features:

  • Size: This cubical fish tank has the following dimensions: 12 x 12 x 12 inches. This size makes it perfect for small spaces and areas. It will fit perfectly in every room and style providing you the scenic view of the underwater life. Its water capacity is 7.5 gallons.
  • Materials: This fashionable fish tank is entirely made from the special Finnex low iron glass, this is the latest trend in the aquarium production and it guarantees to last longer than the other tanks made from regular glass. This material is much more durable, and at the same it is thinner than the normal aquarium glass on the market. So if you’re looking for a durable product for your money, choose Finnex.
  • Design: This aquarium has a very traditional design – it is in the shape of a cube. That way you can enjoy a very clear and detailed view from every side of the fish tank. The LEDs on the top add extra luxury and style to this tank, offering incredible view across the aquarium from all sides and in every corner.
  • 12’’ Finnex FugeRay planted+ LED included: The aquarium has incorporated specialized RED LEDs, which are the most efficient lights for the plant photosynthesis. Furthermore, these lights will give the perfect light tone for the fish tank, no matter how it is decorated. The LEDs are very durable – each and every one them is built to last more than 40000+ hours and with the guarantee of Finnex, you can be always sure that you are receiving high quality for your money and that the lights will last for a long time.



The Finnex Low Iron Rimless Cube Aquarium will become the center of life of every room both day and night. Its impressive LED lighting and cubic shape are the perfect decision for every style and room.

Concluding remarks:

This aquarium is small and at the same will give you amazing view. It is perfect for small spaces. Click here to get it over at