Desktop Cube Aquarium (10 gallon) Review

They’re are plenty of people that are fond of having a fish tank in their room or office. The Desktop Cube Aquarium (10 gallon) is designed in such a way that it is taller than it is wide, and therefore easier to fit on a small desk or a compact space if need be.


The Desktop Cube Aquarium is specifically designed for freshwater, saltwater or reef environments. Vivid color of fish, plants, and marine life are enhanced with acrylic due to its greater luminosity. You will find these aquariums 40% brighter, 17% stronger, and 50% lighter than glass. Clear-for-life aquariums are made in the USA of the finest domestic cast acrylic and backed with with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. There are approximately 5 additional inches for the base and canopy size  is 12” x 12” x 16”.

Ideally, the Desktop Cube Aquarium is the best for your big tables and desks. It’s bound to add a nice touch wherever you put it. It is available is black, sapphire, blue and clear. You can get the Desktop Cube Aquarium on sale over at with free shipping.