Deep Blue Professional 11010 Glass Standard Aquarium Tank Review

Deep Blue – the professional’s choice

Every respected aqua enthusiast knows that the proper fish tank is the key to a successful and joyful experience of taking care of fish. For years the professionals from Deep Blue have been providing high quality and functional aquatic products for every hobby and fish lover around the globe. If you are a newbie or a professional aquarium owner, Deep Blue is a great choice for you.

Deep Blue Professional 11010 Glass Standard Aquarium Tank, 10-Gallon

If you are searching for an affordable and at the same time beautifully designed aquarium tank, then this model is just for you. It is suitable for hobby enthusiasts and also for professionals and it will become a new favorite thing in the house or the office.

Prominent features:

  • Dimensions: This gorgeous fish tank can hold up to 10 gallons of water and its dimensions are: 20 x 10x 12 inches and it has a weight of 10.7 pounds. It is the perfect size aquarium both for home and office and it will fit perfectly to any environment.
  • Material: This beautiful aquarium tank is made from the thickest distortion free and scratch resistant glass material – it is both light and very durable. This material is the latest technology in the aquarium production and it guarantees to you long usage and always strong performance.
  • Frames: This designer water tank has a specialized injection molded frames for the ultimate reliability and durability and at the same time, uniqueness and style for your home or office. With these impressive frames, the aquarium will become the center of the room and the attention.
  • Edges: The fish tank has a very modern industrial strength black seal and diamond polished edges – the most trendy and fashionable style for the edges of the aquariums for this year. They give the tank an exclusive and luxurious look, which will add the extra style that your home or office needs.



This aquarium tank is designed with the latest trends in the aquatic market in mind. It is stylish, functional and it is a great choice for you and your home or your office. It has a capacity of 10 gallons, so it is suitable for every room and fish type. The fish tank comes with its own character, but you can easily add your style by decorating it according to your wishes and imagination. You can have any kind of fish in there and make it your own piece of nature and relaxation space.

Reported problems:

Some customers do not find the black edges attractive and a suitable decision for their homes, but this is an entirely opinionated complaint. Besides this, there were no reported problems.

Concluding remarks:

The Deep Blue Professional 11010 Glass Standard Aquarium Tank is perfect for any space and any fish, it just needs your imagination! Click here to buy it on with free shipping.