Aqueon 34501 ProFlex Sump Model 2 Review

The Aqueon 34501 ProFlex Sump Model 2 is made using extremely durable materials and is covered by a lifetime warranty against leaks. The unit can be set up in any one of 3 ways: as a refugium system, a berlin system or a wet/dry trickle filtration system and requires an appropriately sized pump, return line and an appropriate siphon overflow system for undrilled aquariums.

The refugium system used mainly in reef aquariums, requires the use of a refugium light, live rock and certain plants/algae to help control excess nutrients that may hinder the growth of corals in the main aquarium.

The wet/dry system requires the use of the BioMedia accessory pack which comes with a filter media and tray, a trickle down grid and bio-balls, which have a unique geometric design that enables them to cultivate more beneficial bacteria through their increased surface area. This set up is great for freshwater or fish only saltwater aquariums and provides advanced biological filtration for a heavy fish load.

The Berlin filtration system is ideal for reef aquariums and requires the use of a large protein skimmer.

The Aqueon 34501 ProFlex Sump Model 2 has an adjustable water height wall with removable thumb screws which allows for simple reconfiguration into whatever set up is right for you.

Water entering the Aqueon 34501 ProFlex Model 2 first passes through its revolutionary bubble diffuser chamber which reduces noise by expelling bubbles. The water then passes through two 200 micron filter socks which removes large particulate before moving on to the next filtration set up.

The Aqueon 34501 ProFlex Sump Model 2 provides quiet filtration and an aesthetically pleasing clean line design. This is a great sump system if you don’t have the time or inclination to build your own but there is a minor flaw in the design when it comes to using the wet/dry set up. In order for that set up to work as it should, chamber 1 of the sump must be watertight which means that you would need to have some modifications done on the unit to achieve this, fortunately the use of acrylic glue or even Velcro might help if not provide a proper solution.

The sump does need a bit of cross bracing since over time the water pressure causes the sides to bow but hopefully this will be corrected in the next model.

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