Aquatop Zen Nano Glass Aquarium Fish Tank ZN-5G Review

Aquatop – relaxation to the top!

Aquatop has proven over the years that when you do what you do with love and passion, the result will be always astonishing, as evidenced by their high quality products made from the strongest materials and designed with the latest technologies. All of these things are true and normal for the products of this brand. Their newest collection of fish tanks is about using water for relaxation and it is under the name Zen products.

Aquatop Zen Nano Glass Aquarium Fish Tank ZN-5G, White 5.3 Gallons

This fish tank is a great choice if you only have a small space in your home or office. It is a great nano aquarium for Zen relaxation that’s bound to steal your heart.



Prominent features:

  • Dimensions: This beautiful fish tank has the following dimensions: 11.8 x 10.6 x 12.6 inches and it weight is around 17 pounds. This size is suitable for small areas, so it is a great choice for having your own tiny piece of the ocean at your desk or table. Its water capacity is 5.3 gallons, so you can have your favorite fish living inside.
  • Zen design: The aquarium is specially designed for the ultimate Zen relaxation experience and in the most compact size. It offers a great view and allows you to admire it for long periods of time and enjoy the calmness of the water life during the day or the night. This fish tank is a great way to chase the stress away and to recharge your mind with strength and power. The Zen relaxation has a positive influence over the stress levels in our bodies and just being around a small piece of nature makes you feel better.
  • Materials: This aquarium is made by specialized high quality seamless glass, which provides you both reliability and durability. This material is also scratch resistant and will offer you an amazing view for long time.
  • LED lighting included: The tank comes with featured LEDs, which are energy saving and at the same time have a very long life. The light has an adjustable fixture, so you can easily fit it to your needs and criteria.
  • Featured filtration system: The Aquatop Zen Nano Glass Aquarium has its own filtration system incorporated. This feature is high quality and has a strong performance, and it is also very quiet, so you won’t have to buy filtration system separately from the aquarium, very convenient and budget friendly feature!



This Zen designed fish tank is highly recommended if you need for affordable and functional way to relax in your own small Zen corner.

Reported problems:

Some customers have experienced trouble with the filters when they feed their fish live worms, and when they placed small rocks into the tank.

Concluding remarks:

The Aquatop Zen Nano Glass Aquarium is very convenient if you have small room or office space, but want to enjoy the tranquil bliss of aquatic life nonetheless. Click here to purchase it on sale over at with free shipping.