Aquatic Life 15-Watt Light Aquarium Light (36 inch, Fresh Water) Review

Aquatic Life – let the ocean in!

Aquatic Life produces a large variety of pet products, always providing for their customers the latest fashion trends and the best quality. Using Aquatic Life products for your hobby will help you feel connected to nature and experience the ultimate satisfaction watching your pets feel free and at home. The Aquatic Life 15-Watt Light Aquarium Light is the light that you need to have in your aquarium, to make it one complete masterpiece of nature.

Aquatic Life 15-Watt Light Aquarium Light

This energy saving and at the same time bright aquarium light is the perfect solution for you and your pets. You can have a beautiful tank all the time and be sure that the lights will last for long.

Prominent features:

  • Special reflectors – This aquarium light has specialized broadcast reflectors, which have a “dimple” design and are used to diffuse the LED light evenly all over the tank.
  • Control – You will have the control over the lights with the reliable on/off switch.
  • Design – The expandable design is made just for you and your needs. You can link together up to four fixtures with included hardware.
  • Long life of the LEDs– This aquarium light has a CUL approved low voltage power adapter , which means that this way your LEDs will last longer and have longer life, providing you with beautiful lights in the aquarium for longer.
  • Adjustable frame – The frame of this model is adjustable width frame mounts, that will hold the light fixed above the tank and ensure that the fixture is strong and secure.
  • Size – 7 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches; the lamp weighs 1 pound, which makes it the perfect for all size aquariums.



The Aquatic Life 15-Watt Light Aquarium Light is specially designed to showcase the fish and the plants in your aquarium. You will be amazed how vivid and brighter looking your tank is after installing this lamp. The LED lights are perfect for all kinds of plants and fishes, even for corals. The design allows you to use it in many sizes and types of aquariums and its long life will make you feel happy from the choice you’ve made.

Reported problems:

The only disadvantage of this product is that you will want to buy more than one lamp, if you have bigger tank. If you want the light to spread out to the bottom of your big aquarium, you will need two or three extra fixtures to accomplish it.

Concluding remarks:

This aquarium lamp is a reliable, long lasting LED light for small to medium size aquariums, providing you with an amazing showcase of your hobby and pets. It is available over at with free shipping.