AQUARIUS AQ0080 Aquarium Mini Internal Filter (45gph flow rate) Review

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AQUARUIS provides customers all over the globe with high quality products, suitable for every fish-lover. All the hobby products of AQURIUS are great, competitive and comparable choices for your nature corner in the house, or in the office. The AQUARIUS AQ0080 Aquarium Mini Internal Filter is perfect for small tanks and aquariums.

AQUARIUS AQ0080 Aquarium Mini Internal Filter

If you have a fish tank that needs to be cleaned and filtered, then the AQUARIUS AQ0080 Aquarium Mini Internal Filter is just for you. It will fit all your criteria for a quality filter while still being small in size

Prominent features:

  • Size – This wonderful and useful mini filter has the following dimensions: 9 x 2.6 x 4.5 inches, its weight is 8 ounces. It is perfect for small spaces and tanks.
  • 45 gallons per hour flow rate – This flow rate guarantees to you always pristine, clear water in your fish tank. Also, you can be sure that the environment in the water is perfect for the happy life of your fishes.
  • Design – This surprisingly high performance water filter is designed to fit into fish tanks of all types and shapes. Its small size makes this filter so comfortable and preferable to use in smaller fish tanks. It is compact and reliable, what more could you want from a filter?
  • Replaceable filter – The filter is placed in a-easy-to-replace filter cartridge, so you can control the hygiene in your fish tank. The filter provides for your pets the best environment to live a long and healthy life.



The AQUARIUS AQ0080 Aquarium Mini Internal Filter is perfect for small tanks and it does a really good job filtering the water, despite its small size. It has a replaceable filter cartridge and it will be doing the same good work if you replace the filter three or four times a year. So if you have a small fish tank and you want to buy a filter kit, which is affordable and reliable, then this is a great product to choose.

Reported problems:

Few customers have experienced some trouble with the noise that the AQUARIUS AQ0080 produces. It is little bit noisier than other filters, but it does do a good job of filtering.

Concluding remarks:

The AQUARIUS AQ0080 Filter offers it all. It is hands down a great buy, and I highly recommended it to those who are looking for an affordable way to keep your small fish tank always clean, and your pets happy and healthy, without the need to change the water very often. Get one for yourself over at