20 Gallon Long Fish Tank (30x12x12) Review

The 20 Gallon Long Fish Tank is a pretty standard aquarium. It is 6“ smaller than the best selling 29 gallon tank. It makes a good choice for fish lovers that need a long tank.

Product Specifications:

  • Universally sized injection molded frames
  • Industrial strength black seal
  • Thickest distortion free glass in industry
  • Diamond polish edges
  • Tempered glass technology (select models)
  • Size – 30x12x12
  • Black Injection Molded Frame & Seal Optional



This fish tank is ideal for both freshwater and marine aquaria. It can also be used as a turtle tank as well. Comes with a one year warranty.

However, it must be noted that the aquarium glass is not very much strong and can be broken with hard touch.

Overall, this long fishing tank is pretty straightforward and its transparent from every side. It’s quite barren so obviously some decorations would be necessary to spruce it up a bit. You can get this 20 Gallon Long Tank on sale now over at Amazon.com.